Just one...

Here is one. Just one. Taken a few weeks ago before we started getting snow! (Yes..the "s" word).

I want to just take a second and thank everyone. My last post, after I re-read it the other day, probably came across as a shocker to some. What can I say, I like to throw you all for a loop. :D But I want to thank you for your kind words, comments, thoughts, prayers, and friendship. It's so amazing to me that we sit here at our computers, looking at little previews of each others lives, leaving comments, and in small ways, becoming part of each others' lives. And then things sometimes go nuts in our lives, and it's you..all of you..that send your love and support to me. Most of you I don't technically "know", but to me, it feels like I actually do. How grateful I am for the daily uplift I get from your blogs and your words. Seriously, what greater gift could a gal ask for then to have so many awesome friends in one lifetime. And yes, I consider you all friends. Though we may not have met in person...yet...how dear you are to me. So thank you, thank you, thank you for sending me your encouragement these past few days and weeks.

An update: Things are going much better. My little one is still sicker then a dog, but we're working on that to get him better. And soon. :) Life can get pretty nuts when your little baby has phenomia, ear infections, and bronchoi infections..all at the same time. As for me..just working through the kinks in life. Taking things one day at a time and amazingly..enjoying every moment of it. Isn't it amazing that through the clouds in life, you can get a glimpse of all the fantastic things you're blessed with. I can't complain because regardless of all hardships, life..is still pretty wonderful. :D

Thank you again everyone, for everything..

Until next time..