Merry Christmas...

It's here..that wonderful time of the year. The moment so many children wait for, the hour so many parents get giddy for. It's Christmas time. I want to wish you..all my friends, the best Christmas. It's hard to believe that after a few years of blogging, I've made such amazing friends from all over the world. We have a bond through something we absolutely love to do and share. So to you..Merry Christmas. :D I hope it's everything you dreamed and hoped it would be..

Believe. There are so many things to believe in. So many things we want to believe, can't believe, long to believe, or fail to believe. This world..I believe that one day, it can be the world I picture in my mind. The world with peace, love, and friends. I believe that. When I look at my children, I see it. When I see strangers helping others, I feel it. For children, the belief comes in someone named Santa Claus. They've really never seen him, but they just know it in their hearts that he's real. Maybe that's why I love this time of year. Not because of Santa, but because of the unshakable belief children have in something. It makes me want to try harder to believe in those things that are important in life. To believe that the world will bring out the best in people, and not the worst. To believe that life has a greater purpose then just breathing. To believe that we are all connected in some way, for some reason. To me, that's an amazing thing. What do you believe in?

A gift to me from my parents. I fell in love with these Willow Tree figurines when they first came out, and it's been a tradition of mine to get a new piece that reflects something in my life. I have one for each of my children, my husband, our family..just moments in my life, represented by these little figures. When the Nativity set came out, my parents had no doubt that I would want it, so, after carefully saving their money and keeping me in suspense for months..they presented me with one of the greatest gifts.

My true belief in Christmas...

Merry Christmas, my friends..
Until next time..