As most of you know, (and are probably tired of hearing about), I have MS. It's a scary thing. I'll admit that. But I'm not one of those people that let's things run my life. As anyone that knows me..I'm a doer. A go getter. So today I want to post something in hopes of getting awareness out there.

When I was first diagnosed, I wasn't really even sure what MS was. I just knew it was something to do with muscles not working. Over the course of a few months, I've discovered a little more about it. My face is numb. That was my first symptom. And it's still numb today. Will it ever go away? I don't know. The second 'attack' happened just 2 weeks ago. I lost the vision in one of my eyes. As a photographer, that's never a good sign. :D Will this go away? I hope so. Not only because I'm a photographer, but because I'm a mother and the thought of not being able to SEE my kids grow..tears my heart in pieces. But there ARE things that can be done for people with MS, for families and friends of people with MS. The first step for me is just that..a literal step. I'll be doing a MS Walk here in my hometown in just a few short weeks. It's a nice 5k walk to raise money to help find a cure for MS. And wouldn't you know it, National MS week is coming up! :D Just in time. To honor this week and what it means to millions of people out there, I'm posting a link to my current MS Page. If any of you would like to go there, check it out, and make a donation to my efforts in the MS Walk, I'd appreciate it greatly. Don't feel obligated by any means. I know times are tough for everyone. Even if you go there just to educate yourself a little bit..more smiles to you. :D

I know that a disease like this is uncontrolled and very uncertain. I know that there will be days when I have no movement, no sight, nothing. But for today, I can do just about anything I decide to do. I'm walking because this is my chance to accomplish something that in the future, I might not be able to do.

I have been blessed beyond words from my family, from my friends, and from you..my 'photo friends.' And for that..I thank you one hundred times over..

MY MS Page

Until next time...