Out Take..


This is what most of the photos I take look like. And, believe it or not..I think these are my favorites. :D Out takes. Gotta love them!

Now, I have a question for you. What are YOUR favorite kinds of photos. I love looking at all your blogs and seeing the different styles of photography out there. But do you have an absolute FAVORITE picture? Maybe one that happened by accident, or one that, for some unexplainable reason, just tugs at your heart strings? Why do I love this one? Hmmm..I love it because he's peeking around the corner. This is how he greets me in the morning from under the blankets. Just a little peek. And then that soft, tender hand will pull up to my face and he'll touch my nose and say, "Ahh-mah". Melts me every time. Alright, it's your turn. Let me know your favorites. How you capture them. Why you love them. Maybe even why you don't like them. :D

Until next time...