This week has been a whirlwind of things. Always on the go. No really..GO, GO, GO! Let's recap, shall we? :)
Driving all around town running errands, EVERYDAY, ALL DAY with hungry, tired, cranky, but wonderful kids in the car
Burning dinner. Or rather..dinners.
Doctor appointments
Taking kids to school, picking up from school
Planning birthday parties
Doing laundry, only to find melted crayons in the dryer
Car battery dying..yet again..
Sleepless nights
The list goes on and on..

But wait..there's something amazing that happened in between all this.


For just a split second, right smack dab in the middle of chaos, I saw peace. Calmness. Children doing what they do best..being carefree. And it put everything right in it's place. Who cares about all the running around that we do everyday. It's just something that has to be done. End of story. Who cares if the dinners get burnt. At least it was fun trying to fan out all the smoke from the house. :D And the laundry? It's never going away. Add the melted crayon, and you have a new design on your favorite t-shirt. WHOHOHOO! :D As for the sleepless nights..they just gave me a chance to stand next to my sleeping kids and brush their hair off their foreheads while they dream.

That's what I love.
That's what life is.
And to think I could have missed it trying to control all the things I couldn't to begin with.

I got an email from a friend earlier this week, and in it, she shared something amazing and valuable. A simple story from her life about telling those that you love, that you love them, because you never know if it would be the last time you get that chance. Since reading that letter, I've tried doing just that. Everyday, living to the best I could, telling those that I love just how much I love them, and hoping it's enough. I have to say..the difference in focusing on those 3 words has made all the difference this week. Try it. :D You'll be amazed at what kind of wonderful can happen during the most chaotic of times..

Until next time..