The other day I got a surprise package in the mail from my dearest friend. We've known each other practically since the day we were born. Our parents are friends, her sister babysat me, and we were college roommates. She knows me through and through and still, yes, STILL, calls me friend. :D I'm truly blessed because of her. Anyway, inside the package was this Willow Tree figure titled "Courage".

Courage. So many different meanings to one simple word. For some, it might mean having the strength to do something that seems impossible. To another, it might mean being brave to endure every day life. And to my family, I'm sure it means having the nerve to actually eat a meal that I cook. :D Hee hee.. Whatever the reason behind the word, it can still empower you to move mountains. Sometimes I think the strongest we are is during our weakest moments. At least for me, that's how it feels. It takes courage to do the things we don't want to do. It takes courage to stand up for what you know is right despite what everyone around you says. It is courage that leads your steps through the dark tunnels of life into the light. It's courage that wraps it's arms around you and lets you weep when you need to, and laugh when you need to.

Facing challenges in life is something we all have to do. No one is exempt. Rich, poor, tall, short..we all have some trial of our own. It's how we handle them that define us. Somewhere I read, "Not every day is a good day, but there's good in every day."

Courage. What does it mean to you? What has it done for you, to you, with you? When was your most courageous point in life?

Today, why not go do something courageous. :D Climb that mountain you never thought you could, either physically or mentally. And when you get to the top, stretch your arms wide and shout to the sky with a smile on your face because you did it. :D Have the courage to believe in you...
Until next time..