It's good to be loved...

One way I know I'm loved is because I have a hubby that isn't afraid to wear this:


What are some of the things you love? Since it's Friday the 13th, how about a good 'ol fashion happy list? :D Some things I love are:
1. rain. Seriously. I could listen to it, play in it all day! :D
2. Albertson's pizza. I know. I'm a nut, but it's my favorite. I especially love it when it's already prepared for me. :D
3. Finding new, fun, music to sing LOUD to in the car. Not that I have a good voice, or know all the words, but it sure is fun to pretend. :D
4. Friends. Maybe I'm a bit biased, but I have the best friends. (That includes you, my photo friends. :D)
5 PUFFY cheetos. Ohhhh I love those!
6. Ivory clean scent shower wash. Yum!!
7. Candles that smell like apple pie, strawberry cheesecake or pumpkin rolls.
8. Watching re-runs of all those After School Specials. Yes. I love those.
9. Blue Jeans. I posted about this before...just love 'em!
10. The fact that M&M's come in all green right now for St. Patty's day!!

Now..the tables are turned. What do you love?
Until next time..