365 days old...

I can't believe it. My baby is one!! ONE! (Well..on St. Patty's day.) How does this happen so fast? You close your eyes or blink, and boom..they're off to college!! (or in this case, walking all over the house saying, "mamamamamamama" and giggling all the way :D) It's been an adventure with him, that's for sure. One that I love and smile about every day. It's always amazing to me how much one tiny person can wrap you around their heart so quickly. I remember seeing him for the first time after he was born and knew right away that he had my heart completely. And to this day, he's held it still. When I wake up, I see him smiling at me and I can't believe he's mine. Him, along with my other kiddos, have been the biggest, greatest, blessing in my life.



Happy Birthday little leperchaun. :D I love you to pieces! :D

Until next time...