Still here...


Hello? Anyone out there?? Tap, tap.is this thing on? ;)
Yes, I'm still here. Whew..it's been a crazy, lazy, few weeks. Slacker is more like it. Anyway, if anyone is still out there reading my blog..THANK YOU! :D

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday. Eating, visiting with family, hunting eggs and all that fun stuff. I was out in the lawn watching my kiddos hunt for eggs, hearing all their excitement each time they found a new brightly colored gem in the grass on trees. It was such a joy to hear! Loved it. After they found all their eggs..about 29 times..I snapped this photo, but it wasn't until I was going through them that I realized how much I liked it.

Color. Bright color. I haven't seen color in a long time with all the snow and rain we've had this winter. (Yes, it snowed today. Um. What th!?) It felt good to see some color through all the clouds. And then I thought..isn't that how it is?! Not every day can be a good day. Not every moment can be a perfect moment. BUT, you can still see some color, even if it's dull color, through the clouds.


Until next time...