Day 2..Something you heart... <3

Day two of the "Life in Pictures" activity. This posting daily stuff is hard work! I don't know how you do it, but whew..I am only on the second day and seeing how I can easily fall behind. Wow. Eye opener. Ok.. that was off topic. Back to the fun.

Something I heart? Hmmm...there's so many things that I love. But I have to say..(ok..more like admit) that for a long while, I've been completely intrigued with the whole "Twilight" series. (You know, vampires, wolves..ahhh..what could be better?) Yep. I'm addicted. I'm a fan. I'm completely into the whole thing. For today, the thing I 'heart' is Twilight and all that goes with it.


For Spring Break, my fantastic hubby took the kids and I to Forks, Washington to see where the "Twilight" books are based on. Maybe that's what I love the most..having a hubby that lets me dip into my crazy adventures and enjoy them with me. But that's a different post, for a different day. :D

So..what do you heart today??
Until next time..