Summer Tradition..

It's a new tradition that started last year. Meeting up with an awesome photographer friend, Angie Penrose, and doing a photo family swap. It's so much fun! Seeing how their family grows and changes over the year is awesome, and just hanging out and hiking (even if it was an extremely long hike..sorry! :D), enjoying ice cream and pizza, swimming, and pie. Yeah..it's the best time! :D Here are a few of the photos from the day..

Don't they all look so happy! Oh, I love this one. :D Life with boys..I think this sums it up pretty well. :D hee hee..


What a good looking family, wouldn't you agree?!?


Trying a little something different with the blur effect. They were so fun..and if you only knew what was going on behind me to make them laugh. :D


Thanks friends. :D It was truly an awesome day. I can't wait until next year..this might have to be a quarterly outing. :D ha!

Until next time..