Can you believe it's already summer?? As in..BBQ's, vacations, flip flops and ice cream cones. My favorite things. :D And maybe YOUR favorite things, too! No matter what it is you love to do, I'd love to come along and see your family through my lens. It's an amazing thing to have your family photos taken. You get all nervous about what to wear, how everyone will behave, do you have food in your teeth. (that's my fear!) But, when you get your photos back, and you're going through them, it's those photos that you thought wouldn't work out that always do. It's those photos that you decide to hang on your wall, stick in your wallet and send to family and friends. Why? Because it's that 'one' moment that touches your heart so deeply that makes all the worries before hand all worth it.

So, let me come along as you and your family experience a wonderful day in the summer. Go to a lake, a beach, a pond. Eat ice cream down town, in a baseball stadium, in your backyard. Hike in a forest, a neighborhood, a grassy field. These are the moments you'll want to remember forever.

To schedule a family photo session for the summer, email: jinkseemail@yahoo.com

Until next time...