What do you do in the Summer Time??

What do you do in the Summer time? It's the million dollar question. The excitement of school ending has passed and now the reality of "I'm BOOOOORED" has set in. The other day, I took the kids outside and we did something that was probably really only cool a thousand years ago. However, I still enjoy doing this and wanted my kids to enjoy it, too. We went to the yard, lay on the grass, looked up at the sky and found pictures in the clouds.

Can you guess what this one is? I'll give you a hint. Fire breathing dragon. Oh, nice hint. Um..

Then, we searched for the coolest, most awesome rock ever. We found this.


As 'un-fun' as some people might think this was, I have to say it was absolutely what we needed. Not too crazy, but clearly not boring. Very calming and relaxing actually. What will you do this summer? How will you make these next few months into something memorable? Whether you're just enjoying sitting on the porch swing sipping lemonade, or eating Otter Pops by the lake, let me come and capture those simple moments for you. They are treasured, even if you don't realize it now. :D

Sometimes it's those least expected moments where all the magic happens..


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Until next time...