Joygiving 2011


Ahhh, another year behind us. Do you make resolutions? I use to, but this year decided that I needed to decide on a word and have that word be my motto for the year. Then, I was thinking to myself, "What have I accomplished this past year?" There were a lot of things on that list..but nothing that really jumped out at me as 'awesome' and 'amazing'. I was talking with one of my BFF's, Jamie, and an idea was born. Joygiving. Don't you love that name? Those words..Joy and Giving. They are perfect for what we wanted to do. And I think you'll like it, if I do say so myself. :D

This year, my word is: 'Live'.

I want to truly live. Live with a purpose, a meaning. I want the days to have a reason. Not just laundry and dishes. But full of purpose. As most of you know, I have MS. When I was first diagnoised, my mind was flooded with worry. "In a few years, I will be stuck in a wheelchair." "Will I be able to move?" "What kind of pain will I feel?" "Will my kids know me as a mom of fun, or a mom trapped in a body that no longer is able to participate in life?" I think most people have these thoughts when they get a the news of a uncurable disease. The past 2 years, I've spent in question, when really, I should have been living as best as I could. This year..I will.

Jamie and I decided that Christmas should be every month. Maybe not the tree, and lights, but certainly the feeling of Christmas. The giving, the joy, the happiness, the magic. Isn't that we all love about the holidays anyway? The way it makes uf feel when we give someone something? It could be our time, our hearts, or maybe that 'perfect gift'. Whatever it is..there's that feeling swelling in your heart of happiness.

We wanted to share that with you and hope that this feeling of giving can last loger then the monh of December. So, every month this year, you'll have the opportunity to do something for others that can bring a smile to their face and a warmth to their day. (That's the hope anyway.)All you have to do is look for the Joygiving header (above) on the blog. I'll supply the challenge, we carry it out, link up, and have the chance to change your 2011 in an amazing way. Why? Why would I be doing this? 1 word.. Joygiving. You see..thinking back, I noticed that yes..a lot of things were accomplished, but not a lot of giving, or service was done to bring joy to others. This year, that's all changing. :D Hold on tight, guys, this is going to be AWESOME!!

Joygiving. "The meaning of life, is to live a life of meaning". I'm ready. I hope you are too..

I love it. Can't wait for it to start! Check back soon..the first challenge is on it's way!!

Until next time..