Joygiving Challenge #2-Lose the 'Weight'


Ok..who is still with me?! How did you like the first challenge? Would you do it again? Yay or nay? For me..I loved it, and have found that I still want to send little notes to everyone I know. Makes me giddy..in a old school-send-a-card-to-someone kind of way. :D

Moving on..

This challenge was one that I've been thinking about for awhile. I feel it's SO important to have goals and reach them. Any goal is a good goal. There are days when my goal seems to be: 'wake up and be in a good mood.' No joke. It's a goal though, right? Right. Setting goals and reaching them = awesome! But on the flip side, sometimes we make goals that seem so unattainable that we automatically feel like a failure. How many of us have set a New Years goal to lose weight? (my hand is WAY up in the air on this one :D) I have set that one more times that I can count. Some times, I did ok. Other times, I quit. Ugh!! There's nothing worse then waking up and already feeling two steps behind. I haven't even had my Frosted Flakes yet..how can I already be behind?! hee hee..

Enter photo one:

Now..why do I show you this? Let me explain. Remember above I talked about settng a goal to lose weight countless times? And countless times, I didn't reach that goal. But one year..I did. One year, out of all those years. I know you can't see it..but if you look closely, on my right shoulder..you'll see something. Look closely. See it? Go on..look. See that?? If you can't, let me help you. On my shoulder is the weight of the world. Ahhh yes. The weight of the world. Who would have thought that by losing weight, I'd actually be gaining weight? Only a different kind of 'weight'. A little background of the above picture: This was taken about 10months after my youngest baby was born, and 2 months after I found out I had MS. Getting news like that, in some ways, sent me into a whirlwind of emotions. But the biggest thought on my mind was, "Can I still be a mom and wife the way I think I need to be? Can I still be me?" And in that moment..the weight of the world felt like it was hanging around on my shoulders. It didn't matter how much physical weight I had lost..there was a new kind of weight in town. One that I'd much rather lose instead. Sure, I had the support of my family and friends..but there's just something about having someone tell you that one day you won't be able to move. That one day you won't be able to hold your children or hug your husband. There's something about having someone tell you that a wheelchair would eventually be your best friend. And to me, that was devestating. The other side of me decided, "Ok. So there's some bad news. How am I going to make the most of it? What can I do to get through this, over come this, become stronger because of this?" Then, almost as if it was supposed to happen, I looked around me and noticed things. Other people. With other problems. Bigger and more overwhelming then mine. I wanted to reach out and help. When I did..wouldn't you know it, that 'weight' on my shoulders started melting away.
What can you do in a situation like this? You change it. You do something..anything..to make a difference in your life.
Enter picture #2:
Me? Not able to move? Never. You'll have to strap me down to make that happen. :D
The idea of seeing who I truly am through reaching goals, was and still is, an amazing feeling. And soon, little by little..the weight that's on your shoulders will slowly start to fade, making room for happiness and amazing self-worth to take it's place.

This months goal is again, a simle one. Make a goal to better SOMEONE ELSE by being yourself.

What does that mean? Well, to me, it means putting some of my wants aside and focusing on someone else and their needs. Sure, there will be pressure, there might even be stress involved. But, I'm hoping that when this is done..that 'weight' we're carrying around will disappear and we'll see just how awesome we truly are. Doing kindness and servic for others is a wonderful thing. And to narrow down this challenge..here's an idea. Get some post-it notes. Write uplifting thoughts or words on them. Then, stick them on books, mirrors, signs, in your friends desk, purse or car. And watch the world change. (This idea came from a book called "Operation Beauiful"..which ONE of you will be able to win from me. :D) That's right. I'll be giving one blog reader this amazing book. It's perfect if you have a daughter, or a friend who could use a little nudge with their self-confidence. Everyone has weight on their shoulders..maybe we can all help carry the load. What do you say? You in? I'll randomly draw one blog reader (who comments on this blog post) about how they want to make someone else see their true self. What goal can you make to better SOMEONE ELSE just by being you? Comment below and let me know..then, GO AND DO IT!! (That's key!) I'd love to hear it. :D


"Believe in yourself, trust the process, change forever."

Until next time..