Joygiving #4-Gratitude Check-in

Mid-month...how are we all doing on the challenge? Do you remember the challenge? I have to admit, I have had a bit of a hard time with this one. Not because I don't want to do it..but I'm really forgettful these days. ;) oops! Anyway..the days I am remembering, I'm on fire with this challenge. Loving it!! In case you forgot (like me) the challenge is to be grateful. Spend time being grateful for these things in our lives, even those things that we really don't want to be grateful for. I bet there's something amazing hiding in those rain clouds in life, don't you think?

This month has already been a trying one for me. A lot of illness going around, not just my little family, but with so many people that I love. It's been frustrating and exhausting worrying about things. But I have to say, there's also been a lot of gratitude because of it. Let me show you:


What does that look like? Pillows. I know. But why in the world would I be grateful for that? Not only are they cozy and comfy and just what I need at the end of a long day, but..


..it's also the favorite hiding place for my little man, my constant shadow, when we play hide and seek. Sometimes during the day when I'm doing my daily things, I'll hear this noise. "Mom! Come find me!!" So I will walk past the bedroom and see this pile of pillows on the bed, somewhat wiggling, as he's squirming to hide more. I sneak into the closet and pretend to look for him. I then look under the bed (and hear giggles). I look under the kitchen table. I look in my shoes. (you never know..) and finally, I hear this, "MOM!!! COME AND LOOK FOR ME. I'LL GIVE YOU A CLUE!" when I walk past the pillows on the bed again, I see his little hand sticking out. My clue.

My heart melts every day, every time we play 'our game'. I know where he's hiding, but he gets so much joy hiding from me. It makes me think about life a little. No matter how much life seems to get overloaded with 'stuff', there's always someone there to help me find myself. Always.

I love it.
I love gratitude.
I love being grateful.
I love playin' hide and seek in pillows..

What are you grateful for today?

Until next time..