Joygiving # 4-Gratitude


Can you believe it's APRIL??? For reals..I can't believe it. This year, it came way too quick. But with it, comes Spring. New. New flowers, new weather, new emotions, new feelings. I love that the most with Spring. All the new and fresh things around.

So, how did you do last month on your Joygiving? I have heard SO many stories with people passing out the photo cards. At school, at work, while they're out to eat, in letters, in stores..everywhere! :D I'm extremely happy with what I've heard and hope that you had amazing opportunities sharing those cards. If you ever want any more..just let me know. :D

On to this months challenge. In a nutshell..April has already turned out to be a crazy one. One where I keep wondering "Wha???" A lot of uncertainty, a lot of wonder, a lot of just getting through the day, hopefully with a smile on my face. :) It made me think about all those times when everything seemed to be too much. There was just so many different things going on in life, that I wasn't sure if I could get through them all..let alone one. Some days it felt like climbing those stairs, those life stairs, was simply going to be too hard. Then, I had a very wise and brilliant friend tell me, "Who says you have to climb all of them today..right now? Why can't you take it one step at a time? You'll eventually get to the top..right?" For me, that put things into a different view. She was right. I would get to the top. I could overcome all these stumbling blocks in the way. The top of the stairs would always be waiting for me. And just like that, I was driving down the road after an extremely hard day and I say a bumper sticker that said, "Turn those stumbling blocks into stepping stones." Big WOW moment for me.


This challenge will be harder then it sounds. MUCH harder. But I hope that at the end of the month, we'll be better because of it. MUCH better. :)
The challenge is: Find at least one thing to be grateful for daily. It could be something huge, or something small. It could be something you suddenly remembered that you loved, or something you've forgotten over time and have come to rediscover again. It could be the laughter from a friend, or the beautiful sunset. Anything. But at least ONE thing. Somehow, I get the feeling that by turning our trials, our pains, our frustrations..those stumbling blocks, into stepping stones, we'll find a hundred things we're grateful for. And when we're grateful..aren't we happier? I think so..

So..you in? You up for the challenge?? Grab yourself a notebook..a journal, a pen..and get making your list of gratitude. :D Truly LIVE by being grateful..

Until next time..