I just couldn't resist.


How would you describe this photo? What does it 'say' to you? Anything? Nothing? When I look at it, I see complete, honest, simple..joy. *deep blissful sigh*

I've always wanted to capture something with my camera. Something truly amazing and spectacular. Something that when people see it..it's hits them in the heart and stays there. In a good way, of course. :) I don't know if this picture is that, but to me, it is. It's a little reminder of all the good in life, even in between the not-so-good. It reminded me of peanut butter and jelly stained faces and cracker crumbs all rolled into giggles and hugs. It reminded me of life. Real, simple, pure life.

I need to be reminded of these things often. I think I get so wrapped up in the other parts of life and forget to slow down and just soak the real life up. For a moment..as tiny as it may seem..everything is well and full of bliss..

Go live it up today. :D Find your own corner of contentment..then, come back and tell me all about it..

Until next time..