Joygiving #5

May! Already five months into Joygiving. What do you think? I know, this is a little late in getting out, but it's well worth it, I promise. This month, we're going to need to think a little harder about how to complete this challenge. It will require some thought. But first, watch this. I think it can describe it a little better then I can.. (make sure you watch until the very end..you'll see what I mean.)
(normally, I don't post video on this blog..but oh how I loved this one, and knew instantly that this needed to be the Joygiving challenge for May..)

How cool is that?!?! Something they 'hoped' would spread, actually DID spread, and came back to them full circle. :D I love it.
So, with that..here's this month's Joygiving challenge: Pay It Forward.

Think outside the box here, it doesn't have to be paying for someone's food. It could be distracting a cranky child at the grocery store while their parent is paying. It could be taking your neighbors' garbage can off the curb to the house. It could be taking your child out to ice cream after school on an extremely stressful day. It could be anything. I know someone has done something nice and unexpected for you..it's happened to me countless times. And every time, I feel such gratitude towards this person or family who thought of me or my family. And now, it's time to give back. :D

What will you do this month?

I know what I'm going to do...
Starting right now, I'm taking requests for mini-photo sessions. If you know of a family or person who would benefit from having their photograph taken to keep a memory alive, please let me know. I'll be doing little 'Pay-it-Forward" sessions all this month and would love to be able to surprise the special people in your life. :D There will be a limited number of these sessions available, but that's no reason to stop you from nominating.

Can't wait to start seeing the surprised look on the faces of those who get selected for this Joygiving, Pay-it-Forward Challenge!!

***note..yeah, there are a few rules***
nominations must be submitted by midnight, May 25th.
Send nominations to: jinkseemail@yahoo.com
Please include your name and contact info, and the name/contact info of the person/family you are nominating.
Those selecte will be notified by May 27th.

Until next time...