Because I love you...

So..yesterday I was feeling pretty....blecky. Just, not well at all. I was in my bedroom taking a nap while my hubby had the kids outside. (I'm so lucky to have the hubby I do. :D) I don't know how long they were outside, or what they were doing really, but when I woke up, this is what I saw:

Laying on the pillow next to me was this beautiful dandelion flower. And for those of you who don't know..that is my favorite 'flower' ever. I know, it's a weed, but I love them. (Hey..a weed that looks pretty and I don't have to be a gardener to make it grow. What could be better!?) Anyway, I wake up and there is this flower. The only one who brings me this flower is my little 3 year old son. One day we were out taking a walk, and I mentioned to him that dandelion flowers were my favorite. Since that day, every time, EVERY time he sees one, he picks it for me. And when he gives it to me he''ll say, 'I picked this for you because I love you so much.' I was so happy to see this flower yesterday. So happy. Just another little reminder about how blessed I am..

Happy Monday everyone! :D
Until next time..