Good-bye Summer...

Last night, and for the past few nights actually, we've had these amazing thunder, lightning, and rain storms. It almost is as if they have a timer set and at exactly 7:30 the rain starts. In minutes the dark clouds roll in and the thunder follows closely behind. But for me, what makes it so cool is the lightning. I love that stuff!! I have noticed that when it rains here..we really get a nice show. Kind of like fireworks in the middle of August. :D Who wouldn't enjoy that?? So, back to last night. It had been storming for awhile, and I was planning my daughters 9th birthday party(I know..9 years!! How did that happen so fast!!?) Suddenly, she looks out the bedroom window and exclaims, "Look mom! A rainbow!!!!!" So we run outside, out in the pouring rain and thunder and just stare at this beautiful rainbow.
I have never seen one this HUGE and bright. And then, another one appeared right next to it. The sky was so dark and mysterious looking..and the houses right below the rainbow were illuminated by the brightness of the rainbow. It was seriously the coolest thing.

That's when I thought, "Summer is over.." (for us school starts on Tuesday). A last summer storm to end a wonderful summer.

Remember how in the beginning of summer, I started talking about change? Good change. Change in ourselves. I can honestly say that over the past 3 months..my life has changed in such a good way. A lot of good things have happened, and really I'm not sure how it all has worked out, just that it has. Being able to spend time with family. Having the chance to connect with my kids and be little just like them. Turn into a 'grown-up' and move into our own house. Get excited about a new little baby joining our family soon. Definitely some change happening here. And all change that I'm greeting with a smile and open arms.

Summer might be over..but life is still going on. Change will happen every day. And I'm ready. I'm excited. I'm anxious. I want to soak it all up and remember every moment..just like this rainbow. The prize at the end of the hard work. That's what I'm aiming for..

Happy Friday everyone! :D Enjoy your Labor Day..and be safe. :D

Until next time..