When all else fails..pout...

Oh..haven't you ever had one of those days?? Come on..you know what I'm talking about. When everything seems to go wrong, all at once? Well..for once..this day DIDN'T happen to me, but. to my little guy. Ahhh...(every one say it with me..) Poor guy. Ok ok ok..so yes I did feel sorry for him..but let me explain.

It was a busy weekend. We had company come and that in itself gets the kids a little on the excited side. (What..mine are the ONLY ones like that?!) Then, we didn't have our normal afternoon nap on this one particular day. Then it was hot. We were hungry. Cranky. Tired. (Can you see where this is going?) And because we're such brilliant parents, we decided it was the perfect time to go to the park and play. (Word of advice: don't go to parks and play when you're tired, hungry, hot, cranky and excited all at once.) So my little guy loves to swing, and was swinging very nicely for a little while. But then it was time to go. And that was what put him over the edge. You know how sometimes, it just takes one little thing to make you fall apart when all the right elements are there? Well..this was it for him. So we get him out of the swing (how..I don't know..) and he decides that he's not going to follow us back to the car, but instead, go hide behind these flowers. That probably would have worked, except for we could hear this temper tantrum..and see these flowers suddenly go flying all over the place. (apparently he's really good at karate kicking flowers). So..what does every responsible mother do? Get her camera out, of course. :D I didn't capture the flying flowers..and letting you hear the tantrum didn't sound like fun...but I did capture the 'pout'.

We all have one, but this kid..he's the king of pouting! :D (click to see larger image) So..when all else fails..pout. Eventually, we calmed him down and got him smiling again..but wow..for a few moments there I was sure we'd win the "crazy parenthood'' of the year award. (Hey, there's always next time, right? hee hee)

Anyway..sometimes, you just have to have your moment, pout, and then move on.

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend.
Until next time...