I've been tagged!!

By the wonderful and VERY talented Jennifer Adams. I have to list 8 interesting things about me that you all probably don't know...which I think will be fun. So..here we go..

1. I'm an organization freak. Yes. It's sad, but true. Everything has a spot and when my house is out of order..I'm a total mess. Just think, "Chicken with it's head cut off." That should give you a visual of me when things are out of place.

2. Favorite smell right now: Lemons.

3. I love to be cold. Falls and Winters are my favorite ever!

4. I've never had a major surgery or injury.

5. Favorite snack: Ritz crackers with cream cheese, topped with an apple slice and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Oh..so delicious! :D

6. I can read a book in an afternoon if I was uninterrupted. Seriously LOVE reading.

7. I secretly can sing pretty well..but I'll never let you hear it.

8. My purse is Army Green color. And the fact that I even have a purse is amazing..I'm SO not a girly girl.

Now..for the photo..

Here's our little peanut in the making! :D Yesterday we got to see and hear the heartbeat, and as many of you mothers know..that's an amazing thing in itself. What an awesome day!!
Until next time...