Almost 10....

SO...in a few days it will be my daughters' 10th birthday. I was reading a blogger friends post about her son turning 10 (Elizabeth Pellette)and it just caught me off guard because soon, I'll be in the same position.

It made me remember the day she was born. 36 hours of labor...no medicine...and finally, there she was in my arms. All 9lbs 8oz of her. Squishy, red in the face, dark hair..and the sweetest smile and smell I had ever known. She immediately stole my heart, and the heart of her dad and grandparents. It was truly a moment I hang on to, maybe because it's one of the very few memories of her birth I remember.

So we went out yesterday to take her 10 year birthday photos. The sky was perfect, thanks to the amazing rain storms we've been having. And she was so excited to use the new 'parasol' we found after my other friend, Angie, used one on her a few weeks earlier. (which, she absolutely LOVED. :D)

Spending a few minutes with her..just her...was something I've been wanting to do for awhile. She's been feeling a bit 'crowded' with her 2 brothers lately. A little mommy/daughter time was much needed. Then my thoughts started to process..
The 'firsts' in her life..first tooth, first word, first day of school, first haircut. And I wondered what other 'firsts' would come to her. First boyfriend. (Oh brother! Don't even get me started on that!), first car, first break-up, first Prom. And I hope I'm right there, ready and able to take pictures of these moments for her so she can one day show her daughter.

How the time passes quickly. Yesterday, she was 'cooing' and snuggling..a perfect fit in my arms. Now, she's all about fashion, the latest styles, movies, books, boys, and ideas. She's not so much a baby anymore..and that's clear in my eyes when I was working on these photos.
Advice: Hold your 'babies'..no matter what age they are. Love them. Cuddle them. Let them be little. Soon, it all speeds up and they'll be showing you their own babies. Wow..what a thought that is. :D

So..in a few weeks..it will be "Happy Birthday" to my sweet girl..
I'm sure more photos to come..

Until next time...