Another year..
Another goal..
I've thought about this for the past few months and have decided to make a resolution that I've never even thought about before. I've tried the 'work out more', the 'lose weight' goal, the 'play with my kids' goal..but this year, I wanted to do something different.

Be in front of the camera

I can hear you all gasping! How long have I been a photographer and NOT stood on the other side of the lens?? Um..let's just skip that question. :D Here's the thing. I want my husband, my kids, and their kids, to remember me somehow. In photos. Because what lasts when the memory fades? Photos. I have so many hundreds of photos of my kids and my husband..but very few of me. (this is starting to sound...what's the word..like I'm stuck on myself or super person or something. I really don't mean it that way.) But have you ever looked around your house and at all the pictures and noticed that.."Hmm..I'm not in any of these?! I know I was at that event..but I'm not in the picture to prove it." Ok, so maybe I'm the only one with this problem. ;D But seriously..I don't want to be forgotten. I'll never forget my family, and I want to be remembered in their lives as well. So this year, my resolution is to:

Be in front of the camera

Maybe not every day
Maybe not every photo session
Maybe only once a month
But at least it will happen.

Happy New Year's everyone. It's been a pleasure to have you as my friends. To learn from you, grow with you, lean on you, and call on you when needed. I truly can't think of more wonderful, amazing, talented, giving, sincere people then you. Thank you for such a fantastic 2008. Here's to a sparkling 2009! :D

Until next time..