Do you remember the anticipation of waiting for something? Waiting to go to Disneyland, waiting for the 3 scoop ice cream cone on a hot summer day, waiting in line to buy a special something, waiting for Summer to arrive. And then it happened. And then it was over. Someone once told me that "the anticipation is often greater then the event". It has always stuck with me.

School has started. In the stores there are Halloween decorations all ready to be purchased. Black, Orange, Purple. Oh how I love Halloween, but it's only September. ONLY September. And today, I saw this:


A very eager, anxious and excited little boy, MY little boy, waiting patiently for the sprinkler to swivel it's way over to him. Yes, school has started, and yes, the Halloween decorations are starting to pop up all over..but for him, in his little world, he was still holding on to summer. And the biggest moment? A swiveling sprinkler.

I loved it. I loved watching him slowly creep up to the water..just close enough to touch, but not get a full blown drench. I loved seeing his face wrinkle with each smile and watching him jump around as the water inched closer and closer. I loved hearing him squeal as he suddenly was covered in water drops...head to toe...then running back to me to share in the moment. I loved it. Oh, how I loved it.

The anticipation of great things to come is just around the corner. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years..all the fun and exciting things that go with it. But you know..for me, for today, I was just glad to be a part of something so simple, so innocent, as a sprinkler, a boy, and a bunch of laughs.

What are you anticipating?

Until next time...