I woke up this morning and realized that it was the first day of Fall. How exciting am I for Fall?!? Ohh, so very excited!! It's warmth, and apples baking, and amazing colors everywhere. It's crispy leaves and cozy fireplaces. It's new.

It's new. And then it hit me. Last fall my life changed. Unimaginable. I have MS. And I've had it for almost a whole year. Along with the changes in the seasons..I'm understanding the changes within myself. What's changed? Well...

Did my first 5k
Lost 60+ pounds
Watched 2 of my babies head off to school
Climbed Monkey Face ( see Here )
But then, I...
Read more
Thought more
Learned how to cook
Played more with my kids
Watched the fireworks on a lazy summer night
Went to baseball games and ate hot dogs
Laughed at myself more then once
Lit Christmas candles in the middle of summer, just because
Rocked my babies to sleep
Had late night talks with my hubby
Called my friends
Took pictures of my parents
Wrote letters
Decided it was more important to be happy
Learned who I was...

It's been an amazing year. It never fails to remind me that no matter what happens in life, it could always be worse. Always. And we can choose to live, to accept the things in our way..good and bad..and take it with stride. I think that's what I love the most. The choice to choose..

What are you choosing today? What is standing in your way? Grab it by the horns and go. You can do it!! :)

Until next time..