I think there are times in life when one of two things can happen. Falling or Flying. Tomorrow marks one of these milestones over here. My middle child will be starting school. When my oldest started..it was tears. Then I got use to her being gone all day and me spending my afternoons with my middle one. Those days are coming to an end, and I'm wondering if it's a 'falling' or a 'flying' type of event. So tonight as I tucked him in, kissed his head and gave him one last tickle, I asked him to promise that he'd tell me all about the fun he had on his first day of school. To which he replied, "But mom..what if I forget? What if I make a whole bunch of mistakes on the FIRST DAY?" Ohh..the worries of a little child. But I remember those worries. Would I have friends. Would I answer the questions wrong. Would anyone like me. So I looked in his eyes, and I told him a story. A story about when he was younger and how his dad would take him outside to play. Their favorite game was the 'flying' game, where my little boy would run as fast as he could until he reached his dad, then daddy would throw him up into the air as high as he could and let my son 'fly'. (What dad and child doesn't play this game?! :D) I told him how he trusted his dad with all his little heart to catch him after he was in the air. And then I said, "Would you still love daddy if he didn't throw you high? Would you love him if he made a mistake and only caught you with one hand instead of two?" After a little bit of thinking, my son said, "Yes. I love dad forever. He's dad."

Well..little man, I love you forever. You're my son. And even if you make mistakes, or don't have all the right answers..I'll always be lovin' on you. Always.

I think it will be a good day for flying..what do you think..
Until next time..