Because it's Friday...


Wow! It's been one emotional week. The miner's and their whole ordeal, then being rescued, and now..living again. Isn't that enough? So today, on this drizzly and gray Friday (here, anyway)..I decided to post a happy little sunshiney photo. :D Sometimes, you just have to let the sunshine in, even when it's stormy all around you. Do you ever feel like that? Today, I do. I have a sick little guy today, which meant we had a long, long, LOOONG sleepless night last night. You know there's a part of you that just wants to climb back in bed, pull the covers up and start all over. The other part of you wants to jump up, get the day going and make the most of it. I think I'll choose...choice 2. I hope. :D We'll see. It's still early. Things could change around here. :D heehee.

Today, though..I had so many things I needed to get done. SO many. I wanted to get it all done and put away before the weekend so I could spend time with my family. You know how life is..it gets so rushed, so hurried, so..out of control sometimes. The plan was to get it back on track. And then..sickness enters the house. Ugh! A tiny set back, but also huge at the same time. Instead of tackling all the piles of work that needs to be done, I'll be holding my little guy all day. Giving cuddles and hugs and kisses. Instead of making sure there's no dust in the corners, I'll be telling favorite stories over and over and over.

And you know what? It's making me see that this..this set back..is the exact bit of "sunshine" I needed today. The brightness and warmth that will come from knowing that I AM doing my 'work'. Taking care of this little turkey who needs me is my work, my sunshine. Everything else is just the clouds..exactly how it should be.

Happy Friday everyone!
Until next time...